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Welcome to Orientation

Your job in this program is to create a storyreel for your own short animated film. 
A storyreel is a rough draft of an animated film using rough storyboards edited together in a sequence.
Watch this 1 minute video to make sure you understand:
Every week you will make a short video to share your work-in-progress:
  • You will need to be able to record your voice & add still images to make a simple video
  • Below is an example of a student submission on week 1
If you have done this before, feel free to use any video maker app you are familiar with.
If you would like a suggestion:
Each week Story Xperiential follows the same schedule:
  • Monday: We kick off with a 1-hour YouTube livestream with Pixar storytellers, 5pm PST/8PM EST

  • Tuesday - Thursday: Work independently with your team supported by the weekly content.

  • Friday: Upload your weekly assignment.

  • Next Monday: Give feedback on other teams' work and get feedback from your fellow teams. 

Feedback and iteration is the engine of creativity at Pixar.
  • Every Monday, you will provide feedback to 4 other teams on their work and they will do the same for you
  • This is the key to the success of all teams in our program
We asked Pixar storytellers to share their advice on feedback
before you get started:
To complete this orientation, please answer these questions to help make our program better:

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What aspect of Story Xperiential are you most interested in?

Do you see yourself as a storyteller?

Do you see yourself as an artist?

How do you feel about other students giving you feedback on your work? 

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