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Cool character idea and drawing! I haven't heard of a moral of kindness being delivered like that before, i'm really curious how the story will turn out!


I LOVE THIS!! The story is so amazing! And the art is really good too! it is flalis


I like her design, it definitely conveys a shy and timid girl, but I am curious as to why people think she is crazy. Is she spacey? Does she believe in a lot of things commonly accepted to be fake? Or is it just because she believes animals are real? I would be careful to flesh her hobbies and interests out more, as well as other aspects of her personality besides shyness and introversion, to make sure that she doesn't become a stereotype, but other than that I think she definitely has the potential to be a great character, especially considering what (from what I gathered from this video) your plot is going to be based around!


I like how many internal things you have on nick.


I like how you made the world a place that has always been the same and that a boy had found something unique that he was scared to present outside because he was afraid of change but it ended up making him happy.


I like the character ideas and think it has a lot of potential.


I like the intro for your story, but I think you could make the background sounds quieter and, the art looks great.


I like the story but I think you could edit out your hands or take the pictures without your hands in them. Great job!


I like the various amounts of shading throughout the image. The story this image tells is very sweet and seems to show Puff's personality. Cute!


I love your art style and its clear that you put a lot of effort in this film. The story is good as well, good job.


I really like the drawings and story.


I really like the drawings and story.


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