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I liked you drawing and how specific you describe your character. I would recommend that at the end when you are showing the other characters you slow that part down because I could not really see the characters. I would recommend that you would show her stock on the train. I am really excited to see how your character changes over time.


i do really like the coloring for the drawings. i also think in parts of the shadow it could be a little more instructional. i also think that you added good detail to the main character.


I love it. Though you said external twice and all of the characteristics you described seemed more internal. Good job!


This is an amazing character and she is very well thought out down to every last detail. I wonder what does she need to change? How will she change? Does she need to change?


The depiction on this art is completely clear, and easy to understand. The character's internal and external features are very well presented. However I do feel, instead of focusing so much time just on the features, there could have been the character arc included and what kind of obstacle she needs to cross due to her possession over her imaginary friends, for instance bullying from her classmates and more.

Do leave a feedback on my page as well. Ayush | Team: Jarvis


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