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   Welcome to Week 3  |  Due Friday Oct 22nd  | 2-3 hours work

Your job for this week is to
sketch your character in their world
Introduction to Visual Language.

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Have everyone on your team try these 4 drawing warmups.
Here is a worksheet to help.
These exercises are meant to get each of you more comfortable with drawing.
Exercise 1: Line warm up (15-20 min)

Part A: On a blank sheet of paper write down two different feelings that you’ve had recently. Visually represent the feelings as different kinds of lines.

Part B: Try and draw your character with just one line. What kind of line will they be?

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Exercise 2: Shape (10-20 min)

Now think about your own story idea. Identify the shape(s) for your main character.


Try drawing your character using only a few basic shapes.

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

As a team, brainstorm the look and feel of your character and the world where your story takes place.

Don't worry if you aren't sure what things should look like yet, this is just a warm up.
Final assignment: Sketch your character in their world. (30-60 min)

Part A: Individually do rough sketches of the look of your character and their world.

Part B: Share sketches and discuss as a group which parts best convey your story idea.

Part C: Make a final drawing and choose one team member to upload your image.

Bonus: Try and create the illusion of depth applying what you learned during the space exercise.​

Here is some drawing advice from Pixar artists:

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Exercise 3: Tone (10-20 min)

Draw a row of 7 boxes. At one end, make the box as dark as possible. At the other end, leave the box empty. Fill in the rest of the boxes so that they gradually go from dark to light. This exercise is somewhat easier when using a pencil. (For an additional challenge: try using pen, marker, paintbrush or any method you choose).​

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Exercise 4: Space (20-30 min)

Try the following. This is a challenging exercise, but an important concept to learn & practice, so be patient with yourself and have fun with it.

  • On a piece of paper, draw a horizontal line and place an “x” somewhere on it. This will be your vanishing point.

  • Now, draw squares of different sizes, some above, below, to the left and right of the vanishing point.

  • Using a ruler, connect the corners closest to the vanishing point with straight lines and see if you can establish a sense of depth.


Here is a partially finished example as a reference:

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Watch full livestream (1 hour)
Watch highlight (7 min)