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   Welcome to Week 6  |  Due Friday Nov 12th | 2-3 hours

Your job for this week is to create a storyreel for Act 1 & Act 2 of your story.
Make sure you've read and discussed your Act 1 feedback from last week.
Make any changes you think will help your story.
Then work through this writing exercise as a team.
Exercise 1: Flesh out Act 2 (30-60 min)

Last week you did this for Act 1, now you need to do it for Act 2.

Recall a major beat is a step in your story spine. You already did these.

For example here is a major beat

  • "A bank is robbed"

While minor beats are the series of events that happen at each major beat. 

For example here are minor beats:

  • "Someone in a disguise walks into a bank"

  • "They sneak back to the safe and input the code"

  • "They stuff the money into a bag"

Now look at the middle three steps of your story spine (what we call Act 2). Flesh out each major beat into 2 or more minor beats so that you can tell the beginning and middle of your story.

Because of that_____ 

  • minor beat: _____<