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My Items

Abbie in Her World

This picture shows Abbie standing alone in a complete black and white world full of sadness and sad people.

Agu's World

Agu in his family home

Ajax and ANW

Ajax is the main character to our story he's intellectual, muscular, and shy. His dream is to become an astronaut and discover/explore the universe.

Alex Chooses his World

Alex has to choose between the outside world where he feels drawn to or his home where everything hes ever known is.

Alex and his cat

Alex with his cat

Alex's world

Alex feels all alone

Alex/Alexis video

week three submission

Alexander's world!

he is in a galaxy under water with his sea puppy

Alien in the woods!

Almond seems excited about learning about humanity.


Our backstory

Apollo in his World.

He likes math because he understands it.

Bamboo Forest

This is a bamboo forest

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