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   Welcome to Week 7  |  Due Friday Nov 26th | 3-4 hours

Your job for the next 2 weeks is to
create a rough storyreel for your entire story (Act 1, 2 & 3)
Make sure you've read and discussed your feedback from last week.
Make any changes you think will help your story.
Exercise 1: Flesh out Act 3 (30-60 min)

Last week you did this for Act 2, now you need to do it for Act 3.

Recall a major beat is a step in your story spine. You already did these.

For example here is a major beat

  • "A bank is robbed"

While minor beats are the series of events that happen at each major beat. 

For example here are minor beats:

  • "Someone in a disguise walks into a bank"

  • "They sneak back to the safe and input the code"

  • "They stuff the money into a bag"

Now look at the final two steps in your story spine (what we call Act 3). Flesh out each major beat into 2 or more minor beats so that you can tell the end of your story.

Until finally____ 

  • minor beat: _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • ...

And ever since then _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • ...

Exercise 4: Sound & music (optional)

Now is a good time to start thinking about appropriate use of music & sound effects to enhance your storytelling.

Often music and sound effects are misused (too loud or distracting) and can detract from the story. This is why we consider this an optional step. Watch the video to get some advice on how to approach sound.

Looking for sound effects / music? Check out this guide.

Finally, work through this final assignment.
Before you get started, discuss how you want to divide the work of drawing,
recording audio and editing.
Assignment: Rough storyreel of your entire story. (60 min +)

Roughly sketch the images needed to tell Act 3 of your story & take pictures of each frame. (You can reuse your Act 1 & 2 images from last week that still work in your revised story). Use as many or as few images as you need to tell the story.

Record the audio for your story. Try to make the length of this video less than 5min, shorter = better.

Here is an example of what you will create.

BE SURE TO INCLUDE ACT 1, ACT 2 & ACT 3 in your storyreel.

Exercise 2: Storyboard Act 3 (30 min)

Try quickly sketching Act 3 on one page. Work fast and don't worry about making finished images. A good rule of thumb is one image per major & minor beat. 

Click below to get a template if you would like, or just work from a blank page or use index cards.

Feel free to rewatch the storyboarding video if it would be helpful.

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

You have 2 weeks for this submission.