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   Welcome to Week 5  |  Due Friday Nov 5th | 3-4 hours work


Your job for this week is to
make a storyreel for Act 1 of your story.

Storyreel Options

You will need a video editing app to make your storyreel.
If you are already using one you can skip this step. 
You will need a video making program to:
1. combine your images in a sequence
2. record your voiceover/dialog to accompany the images
Here are some free options you can run in a browser:
- weVideo (Chromebook/Mac/Windows)
- Adobe Spark (help video)
Here are some free downloadable options:
- iMovie (Mac & iPhone)
- Video editor (Windows)
If you still need help, ask a friend, Google or email us anytime!

Watch this short video to make sure you understand why a storyreel is important. 

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Make sure you've read and discussed your storyspine feedback from last week.
Make any changes you think help your story.
Then, work through these exercises as a team.
here is an optional worksheet to help you.
Exercise 1: Introduction to minor beats (30-60 min)

major beat is a step in your story spine. You already did these.

For example here is a major beat

  • "A bank is robbed"

While minor beats are the series of events that happen at each major beat. 

For example here are minor beats:

  • "Someone in a disguise walks into a bank"

  • "They sneak back to the safe and input the code"

  • "They stuff the money into a bag"

Now look at the first three steps of your story spine (what we call Act 1). Flesh out each major beat into 2 or more minor beats so that you can tell the whole beginning of your story. Think of this as the first draft of your stories opening.

Once upon a time _____ 

  • minor beat: _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • ...

Every day _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • ...

Until one day _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • minor beat: _____

  • ...

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Exercise 2: Storyboarding (30min)

Watch this great video and then try quickly sketching the minor beats in your first act on one page. Everyone on your team should try this as it's an important skill.

Click below to get a template if you would like, or just work from a blank page or use index cards.

courtesy of Khan Academy/Pixar in a Box

Finally work through this final assignment as a team.
Discuss how you want to divide the work of writing, drawing, recording and editing.
Final Assignment: Act 1 storyreel (1-2 hours)

Roughly sketch the images needed to tell Act 1 of your story & take pictures of each frame.

Record the audio for your story (don't worry about adding music or sound effects this week). Try to make the length of this video less than 2min.

Here is an example of what you will create. 

Watch full livestream (1 hour)
Watch highlight (18 min)


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